Thursday, February 24, 2011

Did I ever mention that my dog is a really good sport?

Well, if I haven’t. He is. And if I have, Just keep reading to see how awesome he really is…..
Because, well, seeing is believing.

Tug was sad when we told him he would have to stay home with Grandpa while we went on vacation. All in all I think he took it pretty well…..

But maybe, he thought, if I could just disguise myself well enough as a tourist to go unnoticed, then maybe just maybe I could still come?
Sorry Tug, but you still have to stay. Be a good boy!
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Don’t worry, incase you were wondering all this humility did not come without reward.
When he was done he got a few of these…
A couple of these…065
And a whole lotta these…
To all of the “non dog people” reading this, who I know were just cringing at the big ,sloppy, nasty dog tongue, that just so happened to be slurping up that pretty little 4 year old girl, I am truly sorry you had to witness that. I am a total dog lover, and while I would own a million dogs if I could, I despise doggie kisses. For serious I do!……. The little sister on the other hand…. Well, I think she kinda loves em’! That is all.

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Lori said...

Love it! They have several shops with dogie toys, I think after all these cute poses a Disney doggie toy is due!! Love ya,Lori

Joy McDaniel said...

Ha ha that is awesome. You are so cute. Love it.