Monday, January 24, 2011

Thrive Project #1

As I mentioned in my previous post I found this fantastic blog. It is farmgirl paints. I LOVE it! The creator (Becky) of this blog is so awesome and ahhmazingly talented! You must check her out! Would you believe me if I told you she was taking a photography class and then coming back here to blogland to share her knowledge with us,  Well believe it, cause she is! She is awesome like that!

She is also hosting a weekly linky party called the Thrive project. After her class each week she will share what she learned, and then give us an “assignment” to complete for that week, then we link it up, and check out all the other entries! I love it!

I came into this project a tad late so I didn’t get to “play” around much with the weeks homework. Shutter Speed. I do however have a picture taken with my new camera that I’m pretty sure fits the category. 

008 copy

This is a picture of the big sister outside on a “snow day” She was bouncing up and down on her ball and throwing snow in the air. I’ll be honest with you I haven’t the foggiest idea what setting my camera was on. All I know is that it was NOT on auto. I am forcing myself to go off auto with this new camera, and let me tell you the results are not always pretty! But, I love this shot, and now thanks to Becky I know that since her actions are “frozen” I must have been using a high shutter speed! I really think I’m going to LOVE this project!!




I {Heart} my socks, and other random thoughts


While checking out the delicious doughnut over at Random Thoughts Of A Super Mom I stumbled across a blog called lowercase letters I love it! I know I say that about every new blog I come across, but honest I’m telling the truth every single time! lowercase letters hosts a Miscellany Monday linky party and HELLO! this looks so fun and is such a great way to spurt out some random thoughts that are swirling around in this crazy little head of mine! I love it!

So here it is my very first Miscellany Monday Post:


1. I {Heart} my socks!

No really, I do! I {Heart} my socks. However, I {dis-heart} (can you do that? dis-heart something, or do you have to just dislike it?) folding my socks. Not cause I don’t know how. Not cause it’s hard. Just cause I’m pretty sure my washer eats them and I can never find the matcher! And it’s frustrating cause I hardly ever wear white socks, you know the kind, the ones where it doesn’t matter if you have the exact match cause they’re all the same anyway? Nope not for me! My socks must be colored or patterned. Come to think of it I may have white-sock-a-phobia? If I could just get over it and by some all the same white socks I could easily solve this dilemma. But I’m a stubborn girl and I would rather wear mismatched socks than white socks any day! The husband makes fun of this often, and I always tell him I have another “pair” just like them somewhere! Well guess what the jokes on him! Did you know you can actually buy mismatched socks? It’s true you can! And instead of coming in pairs they come in 3’s! I’m pretty sure the genius who started selling socks like this could quite possibly be a long lost relative of some sort! I mean it’s like they were made for me!

I came across this store in downtown Disney called Little Mismatched! I never bought any while we were there and I am kicking myself in the rear now, cause I so wish I did! Guess what? They have a website! I can’t believe I didn’t think to check this out sooner. I guess I’m a tad slow! You can check out the website here, but I had to post pictures of some of my favs!

Hello! How cute are these?


And these? OMGosh!


And just for the record I actually had to put this post on hold so that I could go purchase these! See the faux zippers on the back! OMGosh! I’m in love!


I’m getting old you know? 31 to be exact. I’m worried that one day I’ll wake up, go to put on my mismatched socks, realize I am waaaay too old to wear such goofy things, and then I’ll probably force myself to go to the store and buy some “normal”, white, all the same socks. Oh Well! At least I’ll still have this post to look back on!


The socks above are from Justice. Yes that’s a children’s clothing store. Yes I have super small feet. Yes I have wide feet. Which in turn makes shoe shopping extremely depressing. Just in case you were curious.


2. My dog is a really good sport


He is a boy. He has pink “pawnails”.  Need I say more?


3. I have a new camera and I seriously have no idea how to use it

Don’t get me wrong. My pictures are looking pretty good! I’m not tooting my horn here or anything, (Well maybe I am just  a little.) but since I got it I have been taking some pictures that I even amaze myself with. The problem is that if you ask me what setting I used to take the shot I will just stare at you in  a puzzled daze? Yes, I am that camera “dumb”. No worries though! I stumbled across this blog today and I am so happy I did! It is Farmgirl Paints and I love it! She is super super talented, and guess what she is taking a photography class, and guess what else she is going to be sharing what she learns with everyone here in blogland! How sweet is that? Every week she is going to be hosting a linky party called The Thrive Project. She will be explaining what she learned in that weeks class and it’s our job to link up a post that has to do with that weeks homework! I am so excited about this! I plan to link up later tonight if my evening goes as planned!


4. I had Marshmallow Popcorn for Breakfast

And I ate the whole bowl! Yikes! I know that’s bad, but I can’t help it, it is sooooo darn delicious!  Thank you Jolly Time for making “my” breakfast of champions!


Has anyone else had this? Can you buy it in your local grocery store? We first had it about 3 years ago. My MIL found it. We fell in love with it. It disappeared from the store shelves, and not because we were buying it. They quit carrying it. All of them. Boo Hoo! Now we have to order it. It is sooo worth it and make me change the above “Boo Hoo” to a Whooo Hooo!


5. It’s Monday, it’s 3’oclock, and I have to go tackle clothes mountain

Monday night is our first dance night for the week. Just for the big sister tonight. The little sister goes Wed. I have exactly 45min to get my “chores” done so that I can transform into “Momtaxi” until 6’oclock tonight.

Here is the big sister in two of her recital costumes:







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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why not?

I have officially been smitten by blogging! I {Heart} everything about it! The projects, the crafts, the stories,the photos, and especially all the other bloggers out there that have been so kind to a “newbie” like myself!

So far the posts I’ve written have come so naturally. They may not always make sense, and I know that I am no where near as crafty as some of the others I've seen out there, but I really have found a love for this!

I recently came across an ahhhhmazing blogger. I don’t even know her, but she was so very kind to me!  She is Nina of Momma Go Round. I’m telling you people if you haven’t found her already you MUST do it now! I’m mean like right now. Don’t read on, just click the link! You won’t be sorry…

Did you click it? Did you LOVE it? Isn’t she talented? Isn’t she stylish? Isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t she clever? She is (one of) the inspiration for this post that is so out of my comfort zone.

Notice I said one of? While continuously occasionally reading Nina’s blog, I came across another ahhhhmazing blog, Little Miss Momma. I have not yet “met” Ashley but hope that sometime soon I will! I {Heart} her blog so much too! Her writing style quickly sucked me in and she is always taking the most stinkin’ adorable pictures of herself! (She’s so gorgeous I don’t think she could ever get a bad shot!) She was the second half of the inspiration for my uncomfortable post. Little Miss Momma is hosting a self portrait linky party. Yikes! sounds scary doesn’t it? Ok so it might not sound scary to the 91 other ladies who have already joined this party. (which might I add started nearly a week ago) But of course they are not scared, they are beautiful, talented, and confident!

That is so not me! I am shy, I am quiet, and I am self conscious about every aspect of my being. Don’t ask me why cause I don’t know. I just am and always have been. I struggle with being short, I struggle with my weight, and my confidence just isn’t there. I know what you all are thinking, this is a crazy lady talking. You would think I would be the exact opposite the way I can type your eyes off talk your ears off in my posts. I think that is why I LOVE blogging so much! I feel like I can really be “me” and since no one is looking me directly in my eyes they are less quick to judge. Or at least I can’t see them judge me. That helps a lot. I love sharing my somewhat crafty side and I really {Heart} the of positive comments! Talk about a confidence booster! You all have no idea how much it means to me!

Lately I have gotten tons of comment love! OK so maybe it’s not tons to more  established bloggers but to me it’s the world! I have been on bloggy high! Is that even possible? yeah I think it is!

I have slowly been realizing that maybe everyone is not judging me. It is amazing to me that total strangers my be interested in what I have to say. It is because of my new found bloggy friends my new “followers” all 26 of you, (Hey this is a big deal to me!) that I decided to jump in on this party. I may be late, but better late than never (right?)

So without further ado here it is a picture of me. Yes the lighting is poor, yes my hair is thin and flat, and  yes it’s edited, but not heavily. Just some minor tweaking and the use of The Pioneer Woman’s AWESOME 70’s action! (I {Heart} this action so much!) But it doesn’t matter you all aren’t judging me right? And even if you are, remember I can’t see the judgment so it’s all good! *wink wink*


On a side note***  I’ve always wondered why everyone uses the quirky little faces when taking self portraits….. Now I know. Taking pictures of your self=awkward which then = a forced smile which in turn looks completely and utterly downright strange. I {Heart} quirky face self portraits!



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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Dig You! Valentine Fun!

I have had this project stored in the back of my head since the big sister was barely even old enough to know what Valentine’s day was!

It’s from my go to magazine Family Fun! Have I ever mentioned how much I {Heart} that magazine? Cause I do!

I have wanted to do this project since forever, but every time I would remember it, it was too late! Boo Hoo! This year I got a head start and made my very first Valentine shovels for the sisters to give their class mates!

I know I made em’ and all but c’mon, how stinkin’ cute are these?


I dig you! Ha! I chuckle every time I see it! How clever you are my beloved Family Fun!

They had a few of other funny puns such as “Here’s the scoop!” “It's Valentine's Day, dig it!” “You've got the scoop on me!”…  but “I dig you!” was by far my fav!


Want to make your own? In case you do, here is what you need:

  • Plastic Shovels (we found ours on ebay for less than a dollar a piece!
  • Small cello bags (we used Wilton Lollipop bags)
  • Valentine Candy (we used trusty Conversation Hearts)
  • Message tag (I designed a 1.5” circle is photoshop then used my cricut to cut the 2” scalloped part) You could also X-nay the gift tag and use a paint marker as suggested in Family Fun
  • 1/4” width ribbon
  • Single hole punch

To assemble:

  • Fill your cello bag with about a 1/4 cup of candy
  • Use a twist tie to attach the bag to the shovel
  • Attach your message tag with ribbon and your done!

Super cute, super easy, and I bet your kids will love to give them to all their little Valentines!





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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When the Big Sister is away, The Little Sister will play!


Last weekend the big sister was invited to stay the night at a friend's house. 

The little sister’s first reaction??


That is until she realized…… While the big sister is away the little sister CAN play!


Take note that the little sister’s name is NOT Allison! *wink*




Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine Subway Art & A Freebie

Over the past year or so I’ve kinda become a bit of a font-a-holic. What can I say there are so so many awesome fonts out there that I know I couldn’t live without! For serial! I’m a complete addict!!

So, where has subway art been all my life? Or why has it taken me soooo long to notice it? I mean I {heart} this idea a bunch! What a better way to use the collection of fonts I've been hoarding er’ gathering.  What an easy way to decorate for any occasion!

Check out this one over at Tater Tots and Jello! Amazing! It’s super sweet, super sized, and did I mention ahhhhmazing? I figured for my first attempt at subway art I should start small, but someday I’ll get the guts to go big!! (or go home!!)

I may have went a little too gung ho for my first try, but I just got so excited and wanted to use every word and every font I could think of! Therefore it got a little busy but I still love it! My frame on the other hand is sad. I don’t love it but it will do!

Here is my subway art in use on my holiday shelf!



And here is the best part!! A free printable for anyone who wants it! Enjoy! (The image is made to print in an 8x10 size.) Just be sure to let everyone know where you got it. *wink*






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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fabric square Valentine Topiary

How bad is it that honestly, I have never even thought to decorate for heart day before? Bad right? But with all this Valentine goodness floating in the blog world right now and the AWESOME new shelf the Husband made me, (which now doubles as my super mini fake mantel) I knew I had to get in on some of the awesome projects I have seen. I mean how could I just let that shelf go bare????

I started out with a pretty traditional topiary made from $ tree roses, glitter hearts, (also from $ tree) and a mini heart day pail from Target! How much do you all {heart} the Target $ spot?? We do! A LOT! But, then again we tend to like things that only cost a buck! On a side note: Why in the heck are Styrofoam balls so darn expensive??

I didn’t take pictures of the process of this one but it’s pretty self explanatory….

Here is the finished product


Since I bought two of the tin pails I decided I had to should make another topiary cause I can, and cause I think the first one turned out super cute! Right? But I couldn’t make the exact same one, unless I gave it as a gift, but I’m really lovin this heart day decorating thing and there was still room on my shelf soooo I was greedy and made another one for me!

A loooong time ago around the time I first discovered I was a little bit crafty, my MIL introduced me to the art of poking fabric squares into foam wreaths. I LOVED every aspect of this project . I wanted to make about a million wreathes for every occasion, but I think I only ended up making 2! (and I gave them away as gifts) It never takes very long for my crafting ADD to kick in and I was on to the next project. Now I’m glad I stored that idea in the back of my head.

Enter Fabric Square Topiary!!

What you need to make your own:


  • Small pail or terra cotta pot. or any similar item you can think of we got ours from the Target dollar spot
  •  Medium size styrofoam ball. I wish I could tell you the exact size I used but unfortunately I totally forgot to check. Sorry.
  • Fabric of your choice I used a little over 2 yrds
  • Pinking sheers
  • wooden dowel
  • small screw driver, skewer, or other object that can be used for poking the fabric into the styrofoam
  • ribbon
  • some sort of filler for your pail (we used conversation hearts in one topiary and shredded gift bag paper for the other)

First cut your fabric into squares. Approximately 2-3 inches, but it’s a pretty forgiving project so exact measurement isn’t really necessary.



Next comes the fun part! Place the middle of your fabric over your screw driver, skewer. (or any tool of your choosing that will do the job) Some people have a preference as to what side you put facing down but I like to alternate every few times.


Stick your fabric covered tool of choice into your styrofoam  ball making a puncture hole just deep enough so that your fabric will stay in the ball when you pull your skewer out. I have heard of people putting a dab of glue on the fabric so that it is more secure, but mine seem to stay in fairly well.


Just keep sticking, just keep sticking, just keep sticking, sticking, sticking (oops too much Finding Nemo) until your ball is all the way covered. Or you could just cover half of your ball and save a lot of time, but still have a super cute decoration….

The sisters liked it this way the best


Still super cute, but since I set out to cover the whole ball, cover the whole ball I did!

The sister also got laugh out of the mow hawk our ball started to develop!


When your ball is all covered it is ready to be turned into a sweet little topiary! Wrap some ribbon around a wooden dowel (for decorative purposes only) and stick partially into your covered styrofoam ball. Add some floral foam or any think similar to the bottom of your pail. Stick the free end of the dowel into the foam in the pail and fill the pail with shredded paper or something of sorts. And that it! Super easy, super fun, and way cute!

Oh I almost forgot! Since everything is better with sparkles I add a little lot of this!


I may still embellish it a bit but it does look pretty and sweet and simple just like this!


Here a couple of shots of the two of them sitting on their new home for the next month.



Notice the sneek peek of my Valentine subway art snug in it’s frame! Be on the look out for a printable freebie!



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