Monday, February 14, 2011

Where Oh, Where has Jeana gone? Oh, where oh, where could she be?

Why I’m right here sillies! Oy vey! What a whirlwind the last couple of weeks have been! Let’s see where shall I start….. Oh yes this horrible, terrible, no good, very bad cold that has turned our house upside down and inside out!


Meet a few of my new bff’s from this past 2 weeks……





This cold has seriously kicked my butt! The sisters and the husband got it first, and after a couple of days of them feeling better I thought for sure I was going to dodge this one. No such luck! In fact I think the germs from their 3 colds combined with each other and decided to have one heck of a cold bash right here in my body! Ugh! I’m on the mend now but still can’t seem to get with it! On top of the mother of all colds my computer monitor decided it could no longer carry on! Boo!  So instead of just getting a new monitor the husband decided to try to lift my spirits with a new computer! Yay! Right? Nope another boo! Don’t get me wrong, it was a fantastic thought and I am quite excited to have a new computer, but you see the thing is, I HATE change! I have been super busy trying to grab my files off the old computer and transfer them to here. Not fun at all!  So with being sick and dealing with computer issues I have neglected all that was happening around me. There piles of stuff everywhere. And when I say piles of stuff I really mean…… piles of laundry (Clean thanks to the husband. Bless his heart he will do the laundry till is blue in the face. It’s putting it away that he can’t seem to figure out! Oh well I can’t complain at least it’s clean piles of laundry instead of dirty ones!) Piles of dishes (dirty) piles of mail, piles of toys, piles of books. I’m telling you my house is one big PILE! Normally all these piles wouldn’t bother me too much. I would just take them in stride and try to catch up when I could! But this time I can’t! I am soooooooo busy I don’t know what to do! I have so many odds and ends to tie up and this time I’m on a time crunch, because in just two short weeks we get to go here……..




We are so excited!


Something I have been trying to work on while being slightly out of commission is making the girls surprise dresses of their favorite princesses so that they can dress up when eat breakfast at Cinderella’s castle! A while ago I stumbled across this tutorial over at make it and love it.  Even though I’m only a “wannabe” sewer I decided I would tuck this one a way for this very occasion. This tutorial is FANTASTIC!  I was even able to alter it to make the big sister’s favorite Princess!  I will have a whole post dedicated to our princess dresses when I get my life back in order. Until then here is a little sneeky peeky of the big sister’s dress…..  Can you guess her favorite princess??






Tiffany said...

Happy to hear you are feeling better. We came down with the same thing in our home two weeks ago. I feel like a new person this week though because I finally feel better. At least you have something super exciting to look forward to!!

Lori said...

OMG cute so far! Are you going to FL or CA? My son is doing a 8 month internship in Fl, lucky dog!! I have missed your adorable posts and daughters. I TOTALLY get you on change, especially the computer! I still have a big huge monitor! Take care and get well soon! Lori