Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pssst... I got a temporary craft room! Wanna see it???



What’s the matter? Not what you expected?

So here’s the scoop, We cleaned our (unfinished) basement last weekend. Sorry no pictures, it was an even worse hot mess then the above room! For serious.

Now it looks Ahhhhmazing. I’ll have to take some after pictures.

Since I am trying to expand my craftiness I've been eying a few new toys to add to my collection. Thanks to the husband, the sisters, (early Mommy’s day gift) and the tax refund I am now the proud owner of a new sewing/embroidery machine and even a (low end) serger! I am beyond excited, and can’t wait to dive in.

My old craft corner was in the basement. It got kinda lonely (and cold) down there, so I always brought my work upstairs. Our house is kinda on the small side so the place I chose to work at was at the kitchen/dining room table. My family was getting tired of eating on TV trays and I was kinda tired of my dining room table looking like a craft store threw up on it.

The solution? Move the craft room upstairs (temporarily until we finish the basement or until there happens to be a baby (sister or brother) which ever comes first.) and move the playroom downstairs!

Happy sisters. Happy mom. Happy husband. Happy family!


But…………. I think I got a lot of work to do.

Stay tuned to see all the ideas I come up with to turn this…


Like the way I “stamped” my pictures? (As if somebody would really want to commit photo-theft on that hot mess! Hmph! I can’t believe I’m even claiming it. )

Into a happy, little, inspiring craft room!

That’s all.



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