Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Karsyn County Fair. The Party!

Thank you everyone for the awesome response! I have had a lot of requests for the printables for our party so I decided to go ahead to create a blog post just containing the printables. So wait no longer here is the link! County Fair Printables!.

Don’t have much time today so you won’t get my normal longwinded blog posts. I am sure you are all so sad! *wink*
The little sister had her Birthday Party over the weekend and it was a blast! Most things went as planned. A few did not, but hey if it all went off without a hitch it wouldn’t be as fun!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking…..
The main party table. One of the things that didn’t go as planned. I had big dreams in my head for an awesome birthday table scape but I guess when you don’t start planning it until the night before the party it might not be as fantastic in real life as it was in your head.


Fish in a bag soap. Sooo cute. Want to make your own? Check out this awesome tutorial from cap creations.

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I did find time to design my own tags for these. If anyone is interested in a free printable let me know….


Farm Animal Ferris Wheel. Rubber ducks from Oriental Trading CO. Ferris Wheel from Hobby Lobby.


What’s a Carnival without Cotton Candy?


And for the adults…. (don’t worry this was not left on the kids table!)


The Cupcakes….


Cotton Candy Cupcakes. These are so fun and yummy. All you do is make up your fav. cake mix bake as directed, and add a handful of cotton candy to the frosting. Frost as usual. Add cotton candy as garnish! YUM! Here is where I found the idea

Popcorn Cupcakes. These were my favorite! I chuckle a bit every time I see them. I didn’t follow any one tutorial for these as there are so many but here is how I made ours. Break mini marshmallows in half and add to a bowl. Keep breaking and adding. I used 1 whole bag for about 24 cupcakes. Bake and frost cupcakes as directed. Then scoop up a handful of your halved mini marshmallows and add to top of cupcake. At this point your marshmallows will be sticky and automatically take the shape of what looks like popcorn. Continue until finished. To make the “popcorn” look buttery add a few drops of yellow food coloring to a small amount of water. Using a paint brush, brush mixture over top of marshmallows. Here is what your finished product will look like. Too stinkin’ cute if you ask me!


If anyone is interested in the cupcake wrappers let me know. I would be more than happy to share!

As if cupcakes, and candy was not enough….. more SWEETS!!


and some yummy hul-less popcorn.


And of course tickets for winning games….. the games were another thing that didn’t go as planned. The kiddos were too busy playing outside with the farm animals to worry about games!


All in all the Karsyn County Fair was a blast! Here is a picture of the little sister with her favorite Birthday gifts….


And Daddy even brought home one more, so now we have 3 little piggies! Needless to say the little sister is in hog Heaven!


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Jennifer said...

So very cute!! I've seen popcorn cupcakes but not cotton candy ones! Great job!
Coming from the Paisley Passions linky!

Lisa said...

So fun! I bet she loved it. You did such a great job on all the little details. Your table scape looks pretty dang good for only putting it together the night before!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mallard Cove Mommy said...

Oh My! I want to have a carnival party now. The popcorn cupcakes and fish soap were TOO CUTE! Such amazing ideas. I know what you mean about table-scapes not coming together. I always make the mistake of not getting things set up in time to take pictures, so I have to make do with the random shots I get after everything has already been demolished. GREAT PARTY!

Heather L. said...

Jeana, what an ADORABLE party!!! You really outdid yourself on this one. Great job!!!

sarah351 said...

I'd love to snag the printables for this party if possible. sarah351@comcast.net Thanks!

Monkey Herder said...

Your party turned out adorable!Thanks for sharing all of your cute ideas!

jubilee said...

Hi! Found you through Tip Junkie. I am planning a carnival party for my kids and would love it if you would share the cupcake paper "recipe." Soooo cute!

Cap Creations said...

Everything looks wonderful. Glad our fish soap tutorial helped out. Thanks so much for linking back!

Tara said...

Holy Hannah! I was SO excited to find your cute post! I am planning a fun "County Fair" group date for next fall....{I know, I know....it's MONTHS away} which is why your post caught my eye. {I found you via TipJunkie.} I am part of the website The Dating Divas {www.thedatingdivas.com} and I would LOVE to incorporate some of your ideas into my date and link back & give credit to you....if I have your permission. I would also L.O.V.E. to use any of your free printables. You can email me at PR@thedatingdivas.com Thank you SO much!

Brewer Bunch said...

would love to get copies of your printables. so cute! love it all!

Stacy said...

We are planning a carnival party for my kids this year...could you send the printables to me also?!? Everything looked so cute!! staysea729@cableone.net

sgsaragoza said...

Hi. What cute ideas you have! I would love to get the cupcake printables from you. can you send them to sgsaragoza@hotmail.com. Thanks!

K. Kitchen said...

I would also love the cupcake printables.

Melissa said...

i have been looking for cute carnival ideas for my daughters birthday , i hit the jackpot:-) I would love , love the popcrn printables :-)
Thankyou so much!

JMart said...

Could I get cupcake printables?!