Friday, December 17, 2010

Xmas Vaca. and painted glass ornaments!

Well the last week of school before Christmas vaca. was a breeze………….. for the girls that is! However, after last weeks bout of Scarlet Fever with the big sister, and this weeks 2 snow days combined with 2 school parties and 1 Christmas Concert, I’m pooped! And to think there is still a long week ahead of last minute shopping, wrapping, cleaning, maybe some cookie making, and keeping two sisters, (who may or may not decide to love each other this week) occupied and content. I’m sure I left something out in there but my mind is tired just thinking about it! Don’t get me wrong, I love the Holidays, really I do. But, it just seems with the month long planning, and decorating, and excitement build up, that Christmas really should last for more than one day?!?!…….. don’t ya think? I think the husband would strongly disagree!

Both classroom parties went off without a hitch and I think a good time was had by all! Would you believe that not only did I forget my camera for 1 party but BOTH parties?? And they were on different days! OY! I’m so sad I think I could cry!

I think it’s partly because I’m trying to avoid the fact that my camera has been acting up horribly bad for sometime now…… I think it may be trying to pay me back for all of the times it’s been dropped! GASP! It’s not a fancy camera by any means but it has been very good to me! (along with photoshop)

Shhhh….. a little secret, I’m secretly hoping it goes completely so I can finally get the DSLR I’ve been eying! But until then I take what I can get with it. Not all of my photos are complete trash….. yet!

I did manage to get one terribly blurry pic of the big sister before her concert. I played around with it a bit in photoshop but my skills there are still novice so I’m afraid it still looks terribly bad not so good…..




Call me bias but, blurry or not I still adore this picture! Her sweet head of hair that is so often straight and tucked behind her ears, all dolled up in curls and a fancy mommy-made headband. Of course her curls didn’t last long and her hair was soon tucked safely again behind her ears….. at least I’ll always have my blurry photo to remember this by! :0) On a side note, don’t you just love the way those tiny little mouths take so long to grow into those adult teeth? I could just eat it up!

Those of you have been with me since the beginning, which judging by my followers is few and far between…. (hey what can I say I’m still new to all this blog world stuff.) Anyway those of you who have been here before know I tend to ramble. Another ramble here but I just realized how odd it is that if you were to meet me in person I usually don’t ramble, in fact if we are meeting for the first time I may be downright shy… something about typing just gets my words flowing. The words may not always make sense but they flow nonetheless! So if your ever visiting my tiny spot in this big blog world and you would rather not listen to my nonsense you should always scroll down, you never know when another topic or project might pop up….. just think of it as two posts in one!

Now on to the painted glass ornaments!!!

***WARNING*** this part gets picture heavy!

I first saw this adorable idea over at pittypat paperie her blog is fantastic and soon became a fast fav. of mine! You can find her tutorial for  painted ornaments here.

I absolutely fell in LOVE with the touch of marabou…. so shabby chic! The first ornament I made was one for the little sister.


The next was for our new puppy Tug. OK so he’s not so new anymore. We got him last Feb., but he’s still sweet and he was lacking an ornament on our tree. I decided to leave the marabou out for this one and try something different.


This is a bad shot of the other side but still worthy of putting in my post. At least I think so. His nickname is “Good Boy” so it seemed appropriate to include that on his ornament. (and just for good measure a shot of the “Good Boy” himself just to make you smile!)



Next up was the big sister (even though her name is fairly common and she has about a gazillion personalized ornament already)

With hers we combined the two and got the best of both worlds, marabou and charms with a bow! Of course palm trees and flamingos for my little warm weather girl!


Here are couple more we did…



The girls and I had so much fun coming up with designs for our ornaments I am almost sad that Christmas will be over soon…. stay tuned for an idea I have to make these last all year round! Just gotta hit up some after Christmas sales to find some clear ornaments and LOTS of em’

We gave quite a few of these as gifts to the girls teachers, their fav. dance teacher, and our fav. school bus driver! So sad that camera issue showed it’s evil head and I didn’t get to capture photos of the dance or bus driver ones, but I do have pictures of the adorable gift boxes we placed them in….. made using my cricut! LOVE THAT THING!!





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