Saturday, December 11, 2010

New things for Etsy and Ebay!


This is such a busy time for us that I have really neglected my new found love of blogging. I haven’t been posting because frankly, I didn’t have anything exciting to blog about!   Well I still don’t have much to blog about other than the million crafts I wanted to accomplish but of course never found the time. I did however, find time to add a few new graphics to my etsy shop as well as a bow single and a bow pair to ebay.

Check them out and enjoy!

Whimsical Valentine Bottle cap images all hand/mouse drawn by myself. (Boy did I forget how much I loved drawing!!)


 First set of print your own ribbon graphics to match the whimsical Valentine collection. (Be on the look out for more matching PYOR graphics to match this collection… I may even throw in a freebie or two!)


Everyone’s favorite lovable yellow sponge boutique hair bow


Adorable Bee Mine Hair Bow set made with PYOR graphics from the whimsical Valentine collection.



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