Sunday, December 12, 2010

When the snow starts falling, the Hot Chocolate starts calling!

Winter is defiantly HERE! Whoohoo!

Some may cringe at the sight of snow or the thought of cold weather, but when I look out my window and see this in all it’s beauty……..


I say BRING IT ON!! Bring on the snow pants, bring on the snow boots, bring on those little red noses, the crisp clean air. Bring on the snowballs, bring on the sleds, and when you can’t stand the cold anymore…… Bring on the HOT CHOCOLATE!!

Yummy homemade peppermint/spearmint Hot Chocolate!

My kids called it “Mommy’s own famous recipe” but I’m pretty sure it’s been done before. Shhhhh don’t tell them that, this stuff made me famous! (at least for today!) *wink wink*

There’s absolutey nothing fancy or famous for that matter  about this tasty winter treat. Chances are everything you need you already have on hand!


  • small pot
  • milk
  • chocolate syrup (powder would work too)
  • vanilla
  • Marshmallows
  • peppermint and spearmint candies crushed and whole
  • a chopper or other effective method to chop candies
  • whipped cream (not pictured)
  • glass mugs (OK so they don’t have to be glass… my girls just feel special when they get to use glass over plastic) 



I think I mentioned before in my deep fried Oreo recipe that I really don’t like HATE to measure things. I tend to just eyeball it.  I suppose if I was creating some elegant fancy feast I would have to measure some, but since I’m no fancy cook this seems to work out for me.

Pour your desired amount of milk into your pot. Turn the heat to medium/low. Add chocolate syrup and mix well. Let your chocolate milk heat up (stirring occasionally) while you prepare the chopped candies.


Add about half of the chopped candies to the bottom of your mug. I personally would just use peppermint but the oldest LOVES spearmint so she insists to have both. Plus it reminds her more of Christmas this way!

Now back to your hot chocolate milk…. before removing it from the heat add some Vanilla. Not a lot just enough to make your taste buds smile! Stir well. Pour hot milk mixture into mug until it is about 3/4 full. Stir well to mix in the candies. Add Marshmallows. We prefer two.


Next add whipped cream and the remaining chopped candies as “sprinkles” or “frinkles” as the youngest would call them! Gotta love her! Stick an additional peppermint or spearmint in the whipped cream for good measure and serve!

YUMMY! and a great way to warm the TUMMY!







SnoWhite said...

Looks like a great recipe -- what a nice treat with the snow :)

My husband and I just moved from MI... nice to meet another Michigander.

IPOHC said...

Some may call me crazy, but I just adore MI winters! :) Thanks for stopping by to check out my hot chocolate milk! I'm defiantly not a recipe maker, just had to keep the kiddos happy!

IPOHC said...
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