Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Ghost of Halloween costumes past

Ugh I feel like such a bad Mommy! I am seriously neglecting my girls costumes this year.  In the past I have always had their costumes made or purchased by the end of August. I have not even ordered the materials yet for this year! Yikes! I better get my rear in gear! In the mean time here are their costumes from the last 3 years…..
A sweet little which and her adorable black cat!
Imported Photos 01607
The pick of the patch and the sweetest candy corn ever!
And my favorites thus far, A Roaring little lion and a Pirate Princess!
Pumpkinpatchoct2009 001
Pumpkinpatchoct2009 008
oct2009 024 copy
oct2009 009 copy
I won’t tell you what they are going to be this year but I’ll leave you with a hint,
I planned to make the girls masks, but being that I am waaaaaay behind this year I saw these and they fit the theme perfectly so I took a little store bought help.  Can You guess what they will be?



Tashia said...

Adorable costumes!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I love meeting new people! Blogging is so much fun!

Tashia @ http://homeinspiredbliss/blogspot.com

IPOHC said...

Wow I'm flattered they you came by to comment! Thanks so much! I have a ton to learn in this blogging world, but I am so enjoying all the blogs I am coming across while doing so! Thanks again!!