Friday, October 15, 2010

Toilet Paper Pumpkin Project

These little pumpkins are too cute to spook! I originally got this idea while searching for some creative Halloween projects to add to my fall d├ęcor.  I found these little cuties on the  Family Fun website. Here is their tutorial.

Awesome I can do this and I think I have everything I need:

Toilet paper and fabric: check  Wish I had some different fabric but since I really wanted immediate gratification this would have to do!



I was minus a few things so I had to improvise. All I had were sparkly green pipe cleaners and not a green piece of felt to be found! Oh no what’s a girl to do? I so had my heart set on making some of these! Never fear your mind is here…..


First I decided I would use some green korker ribbon for the vine, and cut a leaf out of ribbon with my trusty wood burning tool.Nope scratch that the bus comes in less than 20 mins. I really want to get this done and cleaned up before the kiddo comes home. (Although I think I may do this for another set of pumpkins. I think it would be super cute!)



 Hmmmm think think think……. (enter that ding noise here) some red and green raffia I’ve had laying around for many many years! Only using the green of course.



After finagling with the skimpy pieces of fabric I had I decided it was very unnecessary to cut it down into squares. I didn’t have the appropriate amounts, if I cut them they wouldn’t work. I think I ended up using more of a rectangle shape. Hey whatever works right? Anyway I placed my toilet paper roll in what appeared to be the middle of the fabric, (rectangle remember?) I then proceeded to fold up and tuck in the fabric around the roll. The stem is a piece I cut from a brown paper bag that I just rolled up, taped, and stuck in the hole. To finish it off I grabbed a few pieces of the green raffia and tied it in a bow around the “stem”. I love them, easy, fast and so adorable! What better place to keep them then in the bathroom. Think our guest will realize what they are if they are in a pinch?







Holly said...

What a fun way to decorate and then it is useful later (ha, ha!). Cute!

IPOHC said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and becoming my second follower! I am slowly learning this blog stuff. It is so fun! Especially the part of visiting others blogs! There are so many talented people in this world and I love that this is my way to share in the crativity! Thanks again for the comment and visiting!