Friday, October 22, 2010

Party Like A Peacock!


As I mentioned before I am soooo far behind on my girls’ Halloween costumes this year. YAY!! I’m finally making some progress! Allison’s is mostly done. Just may add a few things here and there to add to it’s sweetness!

I decided a bit of  a lot of store bought help would be needed this year if I was going to pull this off.

A huge thanks to Gymboree for these way too adorable tights….. 010

And how’s this for an impressive wingspan? Thanks again Gymboree!011

Of course it wouldn’t be Halloween without a little “Mommy flair”. I decided to go with tutus since my sewing skills are still lacking! (Hey I try, but most of the time my machine and I end up fighting……. In case your wondering 9 times out of 10 the machine wins!) And besides tutus are soooo easy. If you can tie a knot you can make a tutu. There are about a bazillion tutu tutorials out there if you haven’t found one already go for it! They are fun and addicting!

Notice the bustle in the back? That’s her favorite part! ;o)009

Remember that beautiful mask I posted in the sneak peak of the costumes? That is from Wal-Mart! I really had my heart set on making some ahhhmazing masks for the girls, or doing some fancy face painting for them, but hey my time got away from me and these fit perfectly with the “theme”. Saved time on the masks and a whole lotta mess from the face paint. It’s a win win situation!

I added a peacock feather to make it match a little better. Though, it did look great without it too.017

And the last little bit of  “Mommy touches” were some real peacock feathers that I glued with some permanent stitching glue (Can’t think of the brand offhand.) onto the store bought wings.  The wing feathers are a bit a lot more sparse than I had hoped. The shirt was a lucky find in the closet! It already had a key hole in the front, so I used it to my advantage and tied some tulle through it. I think you could easily “add” your own hole to a shirt on hand or even just hand sew the tulle in place.


I am still waiting on a shipment of feathers that I ordered, and since we have a Halloween event tomorrow and I need to make two of these I had to spread them out some. If they get here by Halloween (or sooner) I will try to fill some of the gaps in!
Karsyn’s costume is still in the works. She will also be a Peacock but will have a tad bit different costume! I’ll post pics when I’m done.

Very new to this but I thought I would try to join my very first linky parties! Super excited……. so here is where I am linking this post up to…..

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Whimsical Creations said...

How cute! LOVE the embellishments you added!!

~Beth D. said...

I love peacocks! this is precious.
found you from someday crafts.

Susan @ Entertain Exchange said...

This is amazing - so pretty!

Submit it in my Handmade Halloween Contest - starts now!

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Fallan said...

OMGosh! That is SO cute! I love it! The colors are beautiful!

Saw this on Someday Crafts =)

IPOHC said...

Thanks so much to everyone for the sweet comments and for taking time to visit my new blog! It's a work in progress, but I am loving every minute of it already!

Thanks again!

Mallard Cove Mommy said...

I'm your newest follower! Found through your FABULOUS peacock link on the Handmade Halloween linky. So glad to connect with another fellow crafty blogger!

IPOHC said...

Thanks so much for becoming a follower! I'm so excited I acutally have followers! LOL! OK so only 3 but that's a start right?
Also thanks for the sweet comment on our peacock costume!


Mel said...

Absolutely beautiful! The costume is really pretty too :)

What a creative costume.