Friday, October 8, 2010

Some Days you gotta dance!

I wasn't sure if I should add music to my blog. I know some people don't really enjoy it... Sometimes it's slows the page down sometimes you dislike the music or sometimes it can be even worse.... You know, when your staying up late at night, and the whole house is asleep and quiet but your still surfing the web and you open up a page when... Surprise! Oh no! You forgot your speakers were on. Full volume! Now everyone in the house is awake, the dogs are barking, and your Husband wonders (and maybe even gets a little mad) why you never go to sleep!?!  What? No of course that's never happened to me.... Just Sayin'...... it could happen. LOL!  So I decided to make it the best of both worlds.... instead starting the music automatically and scaring you out of your socks I decided to let you listen at your own risk. If you so choose to do so, (which in honor of my first post I really hope you do) just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click play. Make sure your volume is set at a comfortable level. :o)  IThe music just fits and so it shall stay! But, only on your own terms;o) Ok back on track here.....

I've been thinking and thinking.......... and  thinking some more on what to make my very first blog post about. Finally a light came on in my head! (insert "ding" noise here)..........


Ask me to name one song, just one and this would be it. No it is not my favorite song. Come to think of it I don't even have a favorite song. I like em' all! But anyway back to this one..... I choose this song because it says it all! It's how I am choosing to live my life. Naturally life is full of ups and downs, goods, and bads. Each day brings something new to the scene and lets face it, it's not always pleasant. My Husband has told me for years and years 13 to be exact. Whoa hold on back up did I just say 13 years? Yup that's right we've been together for 13 years married for 8 of them...... Oy' I'm getting old..... oops back on topic, my Husband has always said "Don't sweat the small stuff Jeana, your gunna worry your life away." Yes I'm a worrier but that's a wholenother (yes I make words up too) blog post, and I need to work on staying on track. A wandering mind is yet another one of my pitfalls.  Who would have thought way back then that what he had been telling me all that time would become so true. 

My girls LOVE to dance! I LOVE  to watch them. When they dance they are so carefree. They aren't worrying about who's watching them, whether they are dancing wonderfully or dancing horribly, whether the song is country or pop. They don't care if they are dancing slow or dancing fast.  They just dance! (and of course it usually involves a lot of laughter). They're having fun! They aren't thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. They are living for the moment, making the moves up as they go. I have to stop, smile, and just think to myself...  I need to dance more.  It doesn't matter if they've had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. (yes I stole that from a children's book)  This one to be exact.  One of our favorites! Oh shoot getting off track again...... It doesn't matter if their day was good, bad, or ugly. When they dance all their troubles melt away.

My first blog post is a challenge.  A challenge to me and a challenge to you. A challenge that my children encouraged me to take on.......
I'll admit it,  my life is not quite perfect not even close to being perfect.  I have bad days. I sometimes fight with my husband, I get angry with my kids for petty reasons. I worry about life issues daily. I don't do nearly as much housework as I should.  I get stressed, I get tense, and sometimes I loose it. I am human. But from now on at the end of the day I will erase any  problems with a song and a dance. I will dance with my girls. I will dance with my husband. I will dance by myself. I will laugh. I will have fun. I will make lasting memories with my adoring family.   I challenge you to do the same.  Live by the chorus of this song.
"Some days you gotta dance, live it up when you get the chance, 'cause when the world doesn't make no sense and your feelin' just a little too tense, you gotta loosen up those chains and DANCE!! "
   For your entertainment I have included some pictures of my sweet girls dancing!

Feel free to leave comments.  Did you have a bad day today? Did you cure it with a dance? Make sure you include your favorite dancing music! I'm gonna need some ideas with all the dancing I"m gonna be doing!

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