Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HSM Memo Board turned Christmas Card Holder!

Today we received our first Christmas Card of the season! The girls were so excited to get out our metal tree card holder….. Oh NO! I forgot to tell them that it broke last year. On with the sad expressions and a tear or two from the oldest, but never fear Mom has an idea! *Ding*
After asking Allison very nicely and assuring her that what I was about to do could be “undone” as soon as the season was over, she finally agreed to let me turn her High School Musical memo board into a makeshift Christmas card holder!
Have an old memo board laying around? Found one cheep at the store? Or maybe even your sweet 7 year old daughter gave in and let you use hers? Well then you can make an easy peasy card holder too!
Here is what you need
  • A spare memo board (even if it’s one you use this project can easily be reverted back to it’s original state)
  • Holiday fabric
  • Coordinating ribbon colors. I used 5/8” width
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks (please excuse the nasty glue plate)
  • Optional but super cute coordinating buttons mine are in the Christmas bucket.
    001  002

Here is what you do
Cut your fabric to the appropriate size of your memo board. Make sure it overlaps a bit so that you can fold in under and glue it to stay put. Don’t mind the permanent marker scribble on the back…. the little one must have gotten ahold of it to add her special touch! *wink wink*
Place your memo board down wrong side up on the wrong side of the fabric. Start folding and gluing and folding and gluing until you can’t fold and glue anymore. When you get to the corners try to fold them in almost like your wrapping a present. It helps make the corners look crisp. I did mine kinda fast and probably could have worked on my corners a bit longer.
Arrange your ribbon anyway you like on the front of your board. Make sure there enough on each end to fold over and glue. I did ours in a sort of criss cross lattice way. Again I could have spent more time getting this even and such, but I am thinking this may just be a makeshift until I can find a memo board to use as a permanent card holder. Don’t forget I have to turn this one back into High School Musical…. Not sure what we will do if can’t see Troy’s face everyday!
Cut a piece of ribbon as long as you would like your card holder to hang and glue the two ends to the backside. The backside looks pretty messy.I also added a bow to cover the nail where it hangs.  If I were to make one of these to keep as is I would work more on neatness. LOL!   Oh and for the record the Husband is not hugely fond of any unnecessary holes in our walls so I had to take down a couple of pictures of my GORGEOUS girls to hang this. Boo!
     008 013
Remember we have only received one card so far this year so  I dug up a few from last year to giver a better effect!


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Kendra said...

Very cute! I love the christma fabric! Our husbands think alike...he doesn't like holes in the wall either. :)

Stuff by Ash said...

This is a genius idea! Love it, thanks for sharing.

Mormishmom said...

SO cute! I love the button accents.

Thank for linking up to Too Cute Tuesday!


IPOHC said...

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate you all coming over to check out my blog!