Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Deep Fried Oreos YUM!

I fully intended to hold off on this post but my poor family couldn’t take it anymore! How dare I buy Oreos and  make them wait on my blogging before they could eat their most favorite desert EVER! I also think this will fit perfectly into my 25 days of thanks challenge. (even though I totally slacked at it)
So on my 24th day of thanks I am thankful to be able to splurge on foods during the holidays! OK so maybe I shouldn’t, but it just seems that at this time of year a few goodies won’t hurt. *wink wink*
Now on to the Oreos….. We rarely buy Oreos in this house, partly because I was told once they are the worst type of cookie you can eat, but mostly because if we buy them just to “have” I would sit and “have” them all in one sitting! Did I mention I really LOVE these things?  So when we do buy them it’s usually for a project or special desert that involves using almost the whole package at once. Like my Turkey Treats. Whenever our recipe doesn’t involve the using the entire package we almost always use the left overs for deep frying.  I know I know soooooooo horrible for you. However, the good GREAT news is (yes there is some good news) that just one usually satisfies any craving you may have.
Onto the good stuff…. Here is what you will need
  • Oreo Cookies We keep ours in the freezer so that they are less likely to break when taking their batter bath
  • Cooking Oil We use Canola since it’s a tad better for you than Vegetable oil (I think)
  • Pancake batter powder mix 
  • Cold water not pictured
  • Small container for mixing batter not pictured
  • Small pot for heating oil not pictured
Optional but highly recommended
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Whipped Cream (Ice Cream is really fantastic too but Whipped Cream cuts down on the calories)
  • Sprinkles not pictured
     023  024
 Start by heating up your oil in a small pot. I usually start of by setting the stove to medium high. I never ever know the exact temp. of my oil it’s always a guessing game for me.
     021   022

While your oil is heating start mixing your pancake batter. I’m no cook and I never claim to be one on TV so I rarely if ever measure anything. Just sprinkle an amount of powder that looks good to you and start adding water to get a consistency that is not too watery  nor too thick. You may have to play around a bit by adding more mix or water here and there. When you are satisfied with your mix you are ready to drop the Oreos into their batter pool. Coat the entire cookie in batter.

Test your oil by dropping a tiny bit of batter  into it. If it floats to the top you are good to go. You can drop your cookies in all at the same time if you want. I prefer to cook them one at a time. It seems to give me a better grasp on getting them done just perfectly. When the underside of the cookie is golden brown turn it over and wait for the other side to be the same. When your Oreo is done remove from oil and place of a plate covered in paper towel to sop up some of the oil.
Here is a picture of what they look like when done. See that yummy golden brown color! I’m drooling on my keyboard here!!
Presentation is everything! Use your optional ingredients to make your cookies look good enough to eat! Enjoy your Oreos warm or cool. With Ice Cream or Whipped Cream. With sprinkles or without! Use your imagination, but most of all savor every last bite! My kids even like to lick their plates!
I would love to hear any comments or see any pictures from those of you who tried this delicious desert! Let me know things you did different. Did you LOVE them like I do or were they really not for you? Comment away!

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Diane said...

OMGosh, I ♥ anything oreo Ÿ Thanks for sharing this idea.

Mallard Cove Mommy said...

I can't wait to try hubby is drooling over the picture!

Jessa Smith said...

I've never tried these but I hear great things! Deep frying usually has great outcomes...except for the results on my backside. It doesn't stop me though!