Monday, January 24, 2011

I {Heart} my socks, and other random thoughts


While checking out the delicious doughnut over at Random Thoughts Of A Super Mom I stumbled across a blog called lowercase letters I love it! I know I say that about every new blog I come across, but honest I’m telling the truth every single time! lowercase letters hosts a Miscellany Monday linky party and HELLO! this looks so fun and is such a great way to spurt out some random thoughts that are swirling around in this crazy little head of mine! I love it!

So here it is my very first Miscellany Monday Post:


1. I {Heart} my socks!

No really, I do! I {Heart} my socks. However, I {dis-heart} (can you do that? dis-heart something, or do you have to just dislike it?) folding my socks. Not cause I don’t know how. Not cause it’s hard. Just cause I’m pretty sure my washer eats them and I can never find the matcher! And it’s frustrating cause I hardly ever wear white socks, you know the kind, the ones where it doesn’t matter if you have the exact match cause they’re all the same anyway? Nope not for me! My socks must be colored or patterned. Come to think of it I may have white-sock-a-phobia? If I could just get over it and by some all the same white socks I could easily solve this dilemma. But I’m a stubborn girl and I would rather wear mismatched socks than white socks any day! The husband makes fun of this often, and I always tell him I have another “pair” just like them somewhere! Well guess what the jokes on him! Did you know you can actually buy mismatched socks? It’s true you can! And instead of coming in pairs they come in 3’s! I’m pretty sure the genius who started selling socks like this could quite possibly be a long lost relative of some sort! I mean it’s like they were made for me!

I came across this store in downtown Disney called Little Mismatched! I never bought any while we were there and I am kicking myself in the rear now, cause I so wish I did! Guess what? They have a website! I can’t believe I didn’t think to check this out sooner. I guess I’m a tad slow! You can check out the website here, but I had to post pictures of some of my favs!

Hello! How cute are these?


And these? OMGosh!


And just for the record I actually had to put this post on hold so that I could go purchase these! See the faux zippers on the back! OMGosh! I’m in love!


I’m getting old you know? 31 to be exact. I’m worried that one day I’ll wake up, go to put on my mismatched socks, realize I am waaaay too old to wear such goofy things, and then I’ll probably force myself to go to the store and buy some “normal”, white, all the same socks. Oh Well! At least I’ll still have this post to look back on!


The socks above are from Justice. Yes that’s a children’s clothing store. Yes I have super small feet. Yes I have wide feet. Which in turn makes shoe shopping extremely depressing. Just in case you were curious.


2. My dog is a really good sport


He is a boy. He has pink “pawnails”.  Need I say more?


3. I have a new camera and I seriously have no idea how to use it

Don’t get me wrong. My pictures are looking pretty good! I’m not tooting my horn here or anything, (Well maybe I am just  a little.) but since I got it I have been taking some pictures that I even amaze myself with. The problem is that if you ask me what setting I used to take the shot I will just stare at you in  a puzzled daze? Yes, I am that camera “dumb”. No worries though! I stumbled across this blog today and I am so happy I did! It is Farmgirl Paints and I love it! She is super super talented, and guess what she is taking a photography class, and guess what else she is going to be sharing what she learns with everyone here in blogland! How sweet is that? Every week she is going to be hosting a linky party called The Thrive Project. She will be explaining what she learned in that weeks class and it’s our job to link up a post that has to do with that weeks homework! I am so excited about this! I plan to link up later tonight if my evening goes as planned!


4. I had Marshmallow Popcorn for Breakfast

And I ate the whole bowl! Yikes! I know that’s bad, but I can’t help it, it is sooooo darn delicious!  Thank you Jolly Time for making “my” breakfast of champions!


Has anyone else had this? Can you buy it in your local grocery store? We first had it about 3 years ago. My MIL found it. We fell in love with it. It disappeared from the store shelves, and not because we were buying it. They quit carrying it. All of them. Boo Hoo! Now we have to order it. It is sooo worth it and make me change the above “Boo Hoo” to a Whooo Hooo!


5. It’s Monday, it’s 3’oclock, and I have to go tackle clothes mountain

Monday night is our first dance night for the week. Just for the big sister tonight. The little sister goes Wed. I have exactly 45min to get my “chores” done so that I can transform into “Momtaxi” until 6’oclock tonight.

Here is the big sister in two of her recital costumes:







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Emily P. said...

1. I LOVE socks as well! I really, REALLY do!
2. I'm pregnant with a little girl and CANNOT wait to get her signed up for dance class! I started when I was we'll see how early I can get her dancin'!

Lori said...

Yep, I too worry one day I'll be too old to wear something!It makes me gasp!!LOL UGH!! ADORE the popcorn, yes, eat it all! In our area Kroger/Fry sells it sporadically. Doggie nails=Cute! Have a good day, Lori

Anonymous said...

WOW that website is PERFECT for my girls - all of whom wear mismatched socks on purpose!! Those zipper ones are TOO CUTE!!!