Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why not?

I have officially been smitten by blogging! I {Heart} everything about it! The projects, the crafts, the stories,the photos, and especially all the other bloggers out there that have been so kind to a “newbie” like myself!

So far the posts I’ve written have come so naturally. They may not always make sense, and I know that I am no where near as crafty as some of the others I've seen out there, but I really have found a love for this!

I recently came across an ahhhhmazing blogger. I don’t even know her, but she was so very kind to me!  She is Nina of Momma Go Round. I’m telling you people if you haven’t found her already you MUST do it now! I’m mean like right now. Don’t read on, just click the link! You won’t be sorry…

Did you click it? Did you LOVE it? Isn’t she talented? Isn’t she stylish? Isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t she clever? She is (one of) the inspiration for this post that is so out of my comfort zone.

Notice I said one of? While continuously occasionally reading Nina’s blog, I came across another ahhhhmazing blog, Little Miss Momma. I have not yet “met” Ashley but hope that sometime soon I will! I {Heart} her blog so much too! Her writing style quickly sucked me in and she is always taking the most stinkin’ adorable pictures of herself! (She’s so gorgeous I don’t think she could ever get a bad shot!) She was the second half of the inspiration for my uncomfortable post. Little Miss Momma is hosting a self portrait linky party. Yikes! sounds scary doesn’t it? Ok so it might not sound scary to the 91 other ladies who have already joined this party. (which might I add started nearly a week ago) But of course they are not scared, they are beautiful, talented, and confident!

That is so not me! I am shy, I am quiet, and I am self conscious about every aspect of my being. Don’t ask me why cause I don’t know. I just am and always have been. I struggle with being short, I struggle with my weight, and my confidence just isn’t there. I know what you all are thinking, this is a crazy lady talking. You would think I would be the exact opposite the way I can type your eyes off talk your ears off in my posts. I think that is why I LOVE blogging so much! I feel like I can really be “me” and since no one is looking me directly in my eyes they are less quick to judge. Or at least I can’t see them judge me. That helps a lot. I love sharing my somewhat crafty side and I really {Heart} the of positive comments! Talk about a confidence booster! You all have no idea how much it means to me!

Lately I have gotten tons of comment love! OK so maybe it’s not tons to more  established bloggers but to me it’s the world! I have been on bloggy high! Is that even possible? yeah I think it is!

I have slowly been realizing that maybe everyone is not judging me. It is amazing to me that total strangers my be interested in what I have to say. It is because of my new found bloggy friends my new “followers” all 26 of you, (Hey this is a big deal to me!) that I decided to jump in on this party. I may be late, but better late than never (right?)

So without further ado here it is a picture of me. Yes the lighting is poor, yes my hair is thin and flat, and  yes it’s edited, but not heavily. Just some minor tweaking and the use of The Pioneer Woman’s AWESOME 70’s action! (I {Heart} this action so much!) But it doesn’t matter you all aren’t judging me right? And even if you are, remember I can’t see the judgment so it’s all good! *wink wink*


On a side note***  I’ve always wondered why everyone uses the quirky little faces when taking self portraits….. Now I know. Taking pictures of your self=awkward which then = a forced smile which in turn looks completely and utterly downright strange. I {Heart} quirky face self portraits!



Texas Monkey


Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

Jeana, you are 100% PURE AWESOME and I am so glad you linked up--btw: you are super hot girl and you have the most rad eyelashes I have ever seen! I am loving the cute face you are making in this picture and that shirt is so my style!!!

p.s. you made me blush in this post!
and you have a GREAT writing style!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

OMG I seriously have a tear in my eye! You are beyond too cute and sweet to me. You think I'm are officially my favorite person!

I'm so happy that we have "met". You are stinkin' adorable and I LOVE that you are rockin the quirky face pic....totally awkward trying to get yourself!

Love Love Love this post!!!