Thursday, March 10, 2011

Disney World Journaling Day 1

My next few posts are going to be designated to my trip journaling.


Picture heavy and home video boring at times. Read at your own risk! *wink*

I just want to make sure this is a trip I’ll remember.

The Drive

Sunday Feb. 27 – Monday Feb. 28 2011

The alarm was set for 3:15am. We slept in just a bit. Not too much, but just enough. Everything was packed and ready. The Husband went out to do the daily morning chores and I went to wake the sisters.

“Girls, it’s time to go to Disney!” They both shot out of bed set to go. Wearing the sweatpants and T-shirts they wore the night before.  Why can’t I get them out of bed that early on a school morning?


We pulled out of the driveway right around 4:14am. Not bad!



The sisters slept for the first couple hours. I can’t really remember how long exactly, just that it wasn’t nearly long enough! When they woke up they of course wanted to know if we were there yet. When they realized we still had a long way to go they settled on reading and coloring to pass the time.




Somewhere along the way we passed this road, which the husband thought was very appropriate for the girls attitudes at the moment. *wink*


So they were getting a tad antsy….. Can you blame them?

After a few more naps, a million games of Super Mario on the DSi’s, one movie, 100’s of pictures colored, at least 50 books read, and a little bit of bickering from the sisters and the husband and I, we made one last pit stop about an hour  (I think) from Disney.



Yes. I know the little sister is almost 5. Yes. I know she is waaaaaay too old for a binky. Yes. I know it is wrecking her teeth. But, she is my baby and due to unforeseen circumstances she may be my last. I’m holding on to all the baby I can get!

At approximately 2:30am Mon. Feb 28 roughly 22 hours after we departed Michigan we arrived here….


OK, so this picture was actually taken on the 4th day of our vacation but you get the idea! 


**To be continued**




Lori said...

I love every single picture of the girls! They looked so precious when you first left with Disney stuffed animals in tow. i hope you have/had a wonderful time. My son said weather has been crummy some days so I hope all went well! Hey, I just realized i bet you passed my home entering IN! I should have hidden in the trunk!LOL A Stowaway!!LOL later,Lori

Mandy said...

Did you happen to be on I-75 when you passed the Needmore Rd exit? If so, that's where I live! :o) Small world!

IPOHC said...

Lori, Thanks for the sweet comments and for reading! I think you are my number one fan! I love it! :o)

Yup! We sure were on 75 when we passed it. LOL! It is a small world and the husband and I just love the name of that road! ;o)