Monday, March 14, 2011

Disney World Journaling Day 2 continued.

Day 2

Checking out “Pop”, swimming, and Magic Kingdom

After sleeping about 3.5 hrs. in  the suburban we went to check in. I did online check in so we didn’t have to wait in the standard check in line. Though it wasn’t very long any way the online line was empty! YAY! After dealing with the business mumbo jumbo we were handed our Welcome packet and our keys to the world! First they said our room wouldn’t be ready which was expected since technically our check wasn’t until 3pm. After checking again they told us our room was in fact ready! We were so excited to get in, take showers, and hit the parks! Unfortunately when we opened the door to our room the beds were still unmade and mousekeeping had not yet been there. Oh well! Time to check out the resort and what’s the next best thing after a shower? The pool of course!

We went back out to the truck and the sisters got there bathing suits on.


They were a little upset that we were going to walk around the resort first to check things out. Coming from 30 degree weather these beach babies were ready to hit the pool!

Until they saw this…


and remember these? I sure do!


We stayed at Pop Century and absolutely adored it! We almost upgraded from a value to a moderate, but now I am so glad we didn’t! This place was a riot in all it’s nostalgic charm!


The big sister was head over heals for this tie dyed 60’s sign!


And the whole family agreed I must get a shot of this for myself…


Hmmmm? Wonder if they think I use the computer a bit to much?

After walking around a bit longer we hit up the bowling pin pool!

The sisters got in with no fear!


The husband joined them. I sat out this round. I really wanted to wait for the room to be ready to have a proper shower!


Finally the room was ready. I think it was about noonish now. I pulled my water logged family out of the water and we headed up to check it out. Sorry no pictures. After proper showers and a change of clothes we headed here…


I don’t know about you, but I feel you have to start a Disney Vacation at the Magic Kingdom! All the surrounding just scream DISNEY!!


And make memories we did!

Our fist ride, and this is becoming our little tradition…


Small World! Now to be honest with you the little sister and I are the only two who like this ride. I think the only reason we get our way and get to do this first is because the big sister and the husband just want to get it over with! *wink*

We didn’t have a ton of time before our 3:15 dinner reservation at Crystal Palace. After IASM we headed over to our favorite family ride Splash Mountain, and then over to watch Mickey Philarmagic! Which happens to be another family fav.

We got to Crystal Palace about 10 minutes early and were seated right at our reservation time. The food to us was just ok but the characters were fantastic, as were the looks on the sister’s faces! I’m not sure the little sister even took more than a few bites at any of our character meals she was just so smitten!



Some pictures from after dinner..



After dinner we headed over to frontier land to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I’m not sure why but we have never done this ride before. It was fun!


Along the way the big sister had to get her picture taken here….


One of her homework assignment was to read a story about Pecos Bill so it just kind of fit to take a picture!

At this point we were all getting pretty tired and kinda cranky, so we decided to go find a spot for the Main Street Electrical Parade and rest.

Love how pretty the Castle looks at dusk!


After about a 45 min. rest/wait the parade started, and oh my was it worth it!






We opted out of staying for the fireworks this night. We were all beat and we had an early morning reservation at Chef Mickey’s the next morning!



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Lori said...

Hi Jeana!
Where to begin....Little Princess with her hands on her hips, too cute! I had never seen this resort before very cute! Personally we enjoyed the Crystal Palace and regret missing it last trip will next time. Love the parade, and really love the fireworks, hope you catch them still, new kind this year. As for rides would you believe I still haven't been through the entire M.K? Epcot freaks, that is us! Glad your having fun! Lori