Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Disney World Journaling Day 4.. Real Men Wear Pink!!

Day 4

Breakfast at our Castle, Magic Kingdom, and fun at the Harmony Barber Shop

We had 8:15 am breakfast reservations this day at The sister’s err Cinderella’s Castle. I was so excited to get into the park before it opened for some awesome photo opps! We were awake by 6:30ish and the sisters hurried to get their “princess on”!

We got to the Magic Kingdom just in time, and I got my magical shots! Ahhhhhh! I LOVE it! 


I love this picture so much! You can’t really see it here, but if you look real close, between them it says, “partners”. Melt my heart!010


After pictures it was time to head into the castle! The sister’s were mesmerized! We were greeted by Cinderella herself.


She made the most adorable comment to the little sister about weather or not she should switch her glove color to blue instead of white because surely the little sister was a real princess and her Fairy Godmother must know what she was doing! {LOVE}

The Castle was beautiful! And breakfast was Yummy! Again the little sister really only took a bite or two. Just way too much excitement for her!

I did however manage to capture this bite in action! Notice she is very careful not to let go of that magic wand!


We were visited by all the beautiful Princesses and even had a wishing ceremony! The sister’s loved this!




After breakfast we had some unfinished business to take care of that was actually supposed to happen on our first day at the Magic Kingdom.

The Husband, for as long as I have known him has always worn his hair shaved, and you will hardly ever see him without a baseball hat on. During one of my many read ups on WDW I came across some info on the Harmony Baber Shop on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. I had read and seen that they can do some pretty fun stuff at that place. It was then that the sisters and I challenged the husband to grow is hair out for the next 6 months only to have it cut in WDW! The only condition was that I got to tell the barber what to “do with him” and then he could shave the rest off that night in the hotel room. Let’s just say I’m pretty sure his jaw dropped when I told the woman how to cut and style his hair! Actually I think the stylist was a little surprised as well, she kept asking, “Can’t I just give him a normal hair cut?” LOL!

Here just see for yourself….



I was going to let him go with a more manly color, but the sisters insisted he get pink!

And  just so he wouldn’t feel left out the whole fam got a little touch of pink and pixie dust added to their hair as well!



This is a little out of order but I just love this picture of the little sister sitting outside of the barber shop!


After our hair styles we set off to Pirates of the Caribbean, The Jungle Cruise and the teacups! We all got loads of compliments on our hair and I think made some awesome money for the Harmony Barber Shop that day!



After the teacups we decided it was time for some Mickey ice cream!! YUM! And some Evil Emperor Zurg!



                    After Zurg we headed toward the front of the park to claim our spot to watch the fireworks. Along the way we met up with this guy who holds a special spot in the little sister’s heart!

She again, like last year asked him to marry her, and he again said yes! Yikes I wonder if I should be planning a wedding?



After Stitch we found our perfect spot for the castle projection, and the fire works and, it was another perfect ending to another perfect day!



Oh and just so you don’t forget…..

Real MEN wear PINK!096

Calm down ladies, he’s already taken! And I am so blessed to call him “mine”!



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Lori said...

OMG, the girls looked so special as princesses, and bravo thanks to you! Dad is sue a real sport, good for him! My son goes there for regular haircuts while he is at Disney. Loved your sharing my favorite place! Aren't the fireworks the best? Lori