Sunday, November 7, 2010

25 Days Of Thanks! Days 6&7

I know, I know I totally skipped yesterdays 25 days of thanks post, but today I decided I was thankful for the same thing (or person rather) today as I was yesterday. That person is my 7 year old Daughter Allison.
Yesterday I did a craft show. I won’t go into details on how horrible it was for sales, but I will tell you that Allison stayed to keep me company for the day.  She was such a fantastic helper I couldn’t have done it without her. She carried things in for me, help me set up and so much more! I LOVE her! So on day 6 I am thankful for the wonderful help my daughter gave me without even being asked!
I have no pictures from yesterday but I do have one for today

Day 7
On day 7 I decided to be thankful for the same person but for a different reason. Today I am thankful for the mind on a 7 year old.
Allison had a Thanksgiving turkey project for homework this weekend. It was  a family project so we all helped a little but all the ideas came from her sweet little head. I am so proud of her and think her ideas were very creative and I love how her eyes lit up when we put her ideas to work! I may be a little lot bias but I think her turkey looks fantastic!
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Mallard Cove Mommy said...

Great Turkey (and BEAUTIFUL daughter!) I can't wait for the days when I can do projects with my girls (though I know they will be here and gone far too soon).

Don't worry a bit about where and when you link up. The point is not to follow rules, it's to get you thinking about your blessings each day. Thanks so much for taking the time to take on this challenge with me!