Friday, November 26, 2010

All Gobbled out! Let the Christmas begin!

Wow! Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Honestly I can’t believe it! Time has been moving by so fast for me the last few years.

Our Thanksgiving traditions went off without a hitch. The last few years we have declared Thanksgiving “our” holiday. The hustle and bustle of running here, there, and everywhere for Christmas can sometimes cause us to steer away from the quality family time we should be spending on holidays. Now for Thanksgiving we stay put. A wonderful family dinner is usually followed by our favorite holiday movies, and it’s just the four of us! I LOVE it!

The girls and I got into the crafting a little a lot more this year than in the past and I must say this is a tradition that will definitely stick through the years.  We had so much fun!
Using the same turkey as in our family thankful turkey I cut out smaller versions that we assembled and used as place cards. They turned out so cute. (at least I thinks so *wink*)  We also had a blast making our Indian Corn napkin holders. we will use these for years to come.  These are so easy. We just cut rectangles out of tan felt, glued buttons to craft sticks, and then glued the sticks to the felt.  Then we glued them in a “ring” and added our yellow napkins. These look much more “fancy” with cloth napkins, but in our house?!?!?  Ummm yea, not so much! LOL!
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Now that we are all gobbled out…… Let the hustle and bustle of Christmas begin!!
Here is a peek at our tree!…



Life with L said...

What a pretty blog! I just found you. Adorable little girls. Your Christmas decorations are so pretty. You are right, now it's time for more decorating..Thanksgiving is behind us now. Let the shopping and decorating begin. Stop by and say hello. Happy holidays! Linda

IPOHC said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comments. It feels so good to know people are reading! :o) I'm headed over to check out your blog now...